Inclusion Project - Design of study envirnonments



Raum - Insel

In collaboration with Montessori-School in Berlin-Buch


In an open, multifunctional learning space, how can we develop concentration-promoting areas of seclusion and privacy?

My reflections on designs for the Montessori School Berlin-Buch were first oriented by my immediate impressions as well as the actual needs of the pupils, which resulted from interviews and conversations. Striking were the few possibilities of retreat, the partly very high noise level and the unrest, which prevailed in the premises. Accordingly, the pupils‘ ideas towards a clearer spatial structure, calm zones and comfortable and shielded areas also led to learning, exchanging, and so on. Thus, the goal was to structure the given space by elements that create a more flexible and personal environment. The participatory character of the project allowed the Montessori students to be directly involved in the design and production process. The „Space-Isle“ can be used as an introvert retreat for contemplative work or as an open and connecting element for joint activities.
Through its modularity and its ability to transform, it opens up various possibilities for interaction and allows the students to design their very personal learning environments. An anchor point and space in the room, which can be taken over again and again.


Bench in beechwood, flexible back-board-system in PET fleece