A collection of draperies in 4 colors for Foundation Haus Schminke, Löbau, Germany




Research project (2014 + 2021)
In collaboration with Haus Schminke Foundation


How to reconstruct curtains out of spaces, shapes, colors and stories?

House Schminke in Löbau was designed by Hans Scharoun in the 1930s and is considered an icon of the German Modernism “Neues Bauen”. Important
part of the architecture were the curtains. The originals, woven by Otti Berger from the Bauhaus, have been lost for decades. Exact information on quality and color are missing. We have developed new curtains for Haus Schminke. This does not restore the historical condition, but we were looking for the balance between the lost original and a new interpretation that gives the place its atmosphere back.


  visualisation and handwoven prototypes:

  Otti Berger,: http://bauhaus-online.de/files/imagecache/480h/bilder/12434_251_0.jpg. [14.07.2014] / Bearbeiteter Grundrissplan: Archiv der Akademie der Künste

Weaving, dying, printing

With friendly support from:

Haus Schminke
Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin
Linenmill Hoffmann
Linenmanufactory von Kleist
Anne-Kathrin Kühner